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Maxbone Aspen Sweater

$80.00 Regular price
This limited edition vintage-inspired sweater celebrates the iconic ski village of Aspen. Made from super soft yarn, this fun sweater has a navy blue background with cream collar and cuffs. Skier detail in the back in gray, red and beige.

  • Super soft acrylic knit
  • Machine washable, cold, delicate
  • Long sleeved, roll neck
  • Hole in back for leash  
Size Dimensions (cm) Example Breed
Length       28
Neck Cir.   up to 33
Chest Cir.  up to 46
Chihuahua, Mini Daxi, Mini Yorkie
Length      36
Neck Cir.   30-40
Chest Cir.  41-56
Beagle, Bichon, Mini Schnauzer, Cocker Spaniel, Frenchies
Length      41
Neck Cir.   38-51
Chest Cir.  51-71
Cavoodle, Dalmatian, Cavalier
Length      46
Neck Cir.   41-58
Chest Cir.  66-84
English Bulldog, Bull Terrier
Length      57
Neck Cir.   53-74
Chest Cir.  76-99
Labradors, Golden Retrievers

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