Servicing Sydney’s eastern suburbs
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Which suburbs do you service?

Our dog walking, dog grooming, doggie daycare, training and boarding services cover Sydney’s eastern suburbs and CBD.

What days and times do you walk?

Our dog walking services are Monday to Friday with a choice of four timeslots – 8am, 10am, 12pm and 2pm.


What happens during a Fido & Fido walk?

Fido & Fido dog walking includes pick-up and drop-off in air conditioned Fido vans, walking and running on and off-lead, protein treats, towel down on wet days. The duration is one hour walk + travel time.


Why do you do a consultation with new dogs and owners?

The Fido & Fido ethos places importance on socialisation, confidence and training. We conduct three trial walks with each new dog so that we can assess the pup’s temperament, level of socialisation, general behaviour and size. We use this information to assess which walker and dogs are best suited for your dog to walk with, and to set a strategy for any on-walk training or supervision that’s needed.


Where do you walk the dogs?

Our group dog walking takes place in eastern suburbs parks. Our solo dog walks are bespoke to the location, temperament and needs of the individual dog/s and may take place in a park, beach, suburban area or the countryside. We only visit registered off-lead parks.


How many dogs are on each walk?

Fido & Fido dog walking adheres to the Animal Companions Act of NSW regulations with a maximum of four dogs per walker. Our walks have a maximum of 12 dogs so that’s three walkers walking four dogs each.


Can you collect my dog from my office?

Yes. Dog-friendly offices are becoming very popular. We visit a number of workplaces to pick-up and drop-off dogs. Ask about our office workplace group dog walking discounts


How is my dog collected from and delivered back to my home or office?

Our dog walking includes pick-up and drop-off in air conditioned Fido vans. Pick-up and drop-off arrangements are agreed with owners up-front and each arrangement is individual - we can collect from your home, office or elsewhere. Some owners greet us at the door and hand over their dog, some owners like us to collect their pets from their gardens, or entrust us with a key to let ourselves into the premises.


 My dog is shy and not very social. Will he/she be able to walk with a group?

Socialisation training is a key part of the Fido & Fido ethos. During our initial consultation with you we will identify aspects of your dog’s personality and temperament so we can apply a strategy to gently integrate the quieter more placid pups into our group dog walks. This might include simple techniques such as placing the dog in the front seat of the van next to the driver instead of in the back area with the other dogs, through to pairing shy dogs with other quieter dogs in order to build their confidence. We provide on-going feedback to owners about their dog’s experience during the walks and provide helpful tips to encourage further socialisation.


What do the dogs consume on a Fido and Fido dog walk?

We travel with water bowls and plenty of fresh water for frequent hydration. The dogs also enjoy protein treats which we use to train and reward the pups on the walks and during travel time.


Do you walk on rainy days?

Dogs need to exercise every day so our walks go ahead on rainy days. We stick to areas that are not too muddy and give each pup a lovely towel dry before they are returned home to you.


Do you ever cancel your dog walks?

We only cancel due to very inclement weather. This decision ensures the safety of the dogs and our walkers.


What happens on hot days?

The dogs travel to and from their dog walks in air conditioned Fido vans. On hot days we schedule extra hydration breaks and carry cool towels and ice packs to keep the pups cool. We also stick to shady spots for our walks.


My dog likes to explore. What if he wanders away from the other dogs while the dogs are off-lead?

Fido & Fido adhere to Animal Companions Act of NSW regulations with a maximum of four dogs per walker so that dogs can be managed and supervised at all times. When a dog first joins our walks we monitor them on-lead only for two weeks before we take them off-lead. There are some breeds that like to explore and can occasionally become separated from the pack so we have procedures in place to locate pups when they stray. In 13 years we have never lost a pup in the park.


Does Fido & Fido adhere to industry guidelines?

Fido & Fido comply with all regulations set out by the Animal Companions Act of NSW and adhere to dog to carer ratios with a maximum of four dogs per walker. Fido & Fido is fully insured for public liability and only use clean, modern, air-conditioned vehicles to transport your pet. All Fido & Fido staff receive Animal First Aid training.


What happens at Fido & Fido daycare?

We do doggy daycare differently at Fido & Fido. Rather than keep dogs indoors all day they join our regular walks so they are getting exercise and socialising with other dogs throughout the day, with rest breaks taken in our air conditioned Fido vans. Fido & Fido Daycare on the Run ™ includes pick-up and drop-off, walking and running on and off lead, protein treats and towel down on wet days.


My dog is on a special diet/requires medication. How do you manage this?

That’s no problem at all. We administer and store medicines as advised by owners and will feed him/her separately with any food that you provide.


What covid 19 safety procedures do you have in place?

Fido & Fido strictly adhere to NSW Government Health Directive requirements for the protection of our customers and staff. As these are changing regularly, please contact our Customer Service team at to obtain details of our current Safety Plan.